March 27, 2017


CNES shares oversight responsibility with the French defence procurement agency (DGA) and operates the four satellites from the ground. The DGA oversees the mission and the operation tools used by both the DGA and the French military intelligence agency (DRM).

Given that the system was still operational after three years (planned mission duration), Defence officials expressed their interest to extend the Elisa demonstrator’s use for four additional years. Tests indicated that the four Myriade satellites’ platforms and payloads were indeed in sufficiently good condition and retained enough propellant for this duration, in compliance with the French Space Operations Act (LOS).

The experiment extension was decided without any change to technical and human resources provided by both the industrial and the public sector. The system is used by the French Ministry of Defence, and satellite operation is handled by CNES. Industrial support is provided mainly by Airbus Defence & Space and Thalès Systèmes Aéroportés.